Welcome to a world where magic is real, and dreams come true! 🌟 Dive into the enchanting story of Cinderella, a tale of kindness, courage, and the power of wishes. Meet a young girl with a heart as big as her dreams, living in a world where she’s unseen by those meant to care for her. Despite the challenges thrown her way by her unkind stepmother and stepsisters, Cinderella remains a beacon of hope and gentleness, proving that kindness always prevails.

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Once upon a time, there was a man who was very rich and had a kind daughter. She was sweet and nice, just like her mom who was no longer with them.

Then, the dad got married again, and his new wife had two daughters. Now, they were a family of five.

But soon, it was clear that the new wife, the stepmom, was not nice. She didn’t like the kind things the dad’s daughter did. Her own daughters were not kind either, and this made them look even more unkind.

The stepmom was mean to the dad’s daughter, making her do all the housework. Every day, she had to cook, clean, and do whatever her stepmom and stepsisters said.

They made her sleep in a tiny room in the attic on an old, dirty mattress. Meanwhile, her stepsisters slept in big rooms with nice beds and furniture.

Even though she was treated badly, she never said anything. If she tried to tell her dad, the stepmom would just make her do more work.

After finishing her chores, she would sit by the fireplace, getting dirty from the ashes. That’s why her stepsisters called her ‘Cinderella’.

Cinderella always had to wear old clothes, but she was still beautiful and kind.

One day, there was news of a party at the prince’s place, and everyone was invited.

The stepsisters were excited and made Cinderella get their dresses ready.

They only talked about the party and their looks. Cinderella, being nice, even offered to help with their hair.

Cinderella wished to go too, but her stepmom said no, thinking people would laugh at her.

On the party day, as they left, Cinderella started to cry.

Just then, her fairy godmother appeared, asking why she was sad.

Cinderella explained about the party and her daily troubles. The fairy godmother had a plan.

She told Cinderella to get a pumpkin, 6 mice, and a rat from the garden.

Cinderella did as asked, and with magic, her fairy godmother turned them into a carriage, horses, and a driver.

“But my clothes,” Cinderella worried, “I can’t go like this.”

With another wave of her wand, the fairy godmother gave her a beautiful dress and glass slippers, making her hair look lovely.

Cinderella was ready but was warned to return before midnight when the magic would end.

Promising to be back on time, Cinderella went to the party, feeling very happy.

At the party, the prince noticed her immediately, amazed by her beauty.

She had a great time but left quickly as midnight neared, losing one slipper on the stairs.

Back home, she told her fairy godmother about the party. Her stepmom and stepsisters came back later, not knowing Cinderella had gone.

They talked about the mysterious girl at the party, and how the prince wanted to find her because of the lost slipper.

The next day, the prince searched for the slipper’s owner.

When he came to Cinderella’s house, the stepsisters tried the slipper but it didn’t fit. Cinderella asked to try, and it fit perfectly!

Everyone was surprised, especially when Cinderella showed the matching slipper.

The fairy godmother appeared again, changing Cinderella back into her beautiful dress. The stepsisters realized she was the girl from the party and said sorry for being mean.

Cinderella, being nice, forgave them.

Soon, Cinderella and the prince got married and lived happily ever after.

The End

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