Goldilocks, a classic tale, follows a young girl’s adventurous encounter with three bears, exploring themes of curiosity, respect for others’ property, and the consequences of one’s actions.

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Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Goldilocks, whose hair shimmered in the sunlight like spun gold. Everyone in the town affectionately called her Goldilocks because of her dazzling locks.

One sunny day, Goldilocks decided to explore the vast garden outside her home, eager to gather some flowers. Her mother cautioned her to stay close and not wander past the garden’s edge. Goldilocks promised her mum she would heed the warning and set off, humming melodies and picking flowers along her way.

As she ventured further, Goldilocks stumbled upon a mysterious, dark forest she had never seen before. Curiosity got the better of her, and despite her mother’s advice, she tiptoed into the unknown woods.

“Have I never noticed this place before?” Goldilocks wondered, her imagination swirling with questions. That’s when she spotted a quaint little house. Hoping for some guidance and a sip of water, she knocked on the door, unaware that it belonged to a family of three bears: a large father bear, a medium-sized mother bear, and a tiny baby bear, just about her size. They were out for a morning stroll, leaving their breakfast cooling back at home.

After waiting with no answer, Goldilocks’s curiosity pushed her to open the door and peek inside. She found three chairs of varying sizes lined up in the living room and three bowls of porridge on the dining table, steam rising from each. “The owners must be returning soon,” she thought, deciding to wait.

First, Goldilocks tried sitting in the large chair, but it was too soft. The medium chair was too hard, but the tiny chair felt just perfect, until—CRASH—it broke under her!

Feeling a bit peckish, Goldilocks tasted the porridge from each bowl. The large bowl’s porridge was too hot, the medium one too cold, but the tiny bowl’s porridge was just right, and she gobbled it all up!

Tired from her adventures, she explored upstairs and found three beds. The first was too firm, the second too soft, but the third was perfect, and she quickly fell asleep.

Meanwhile, the bear family returned home to find signs of an uninvited guest. From the misplaced chairs and disturbed porridge to the unmade beds, they knew someone had been there. When they reached the tiny bed, they found Goldilocks, fast asleep.

Goldilocks awoke to the bears’ voices, startled, she dashed to the window, leaped out, and ran all the way home, never to venture into the forest again. On her way, she reflected on her parents’ wisdom and vowed to always listen to their advice.

And so, Goldilocks learned a valuable lesson about curiosity, obedience, and the comfort of home, promising to cherish her adventures but also the wisdom of her family’s guidance

The End

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