Gus is clumsy and he knows it, and doesn’t mind at all.

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Once upon a mountain high,
Lived Gus the goat, who loved to try
To climb and leap and bounce around,
But often landed on the ground.

With hooves so big and clumsy toes,
He tripped and stumbled, wherever he goes!
He’d slip on rocks and bump his head,
And sometimes end up in the shed.

He’d chase butterflies and trip on a log,
And sometimes even get stuck in a bog.
But despite his mishaps, he’d always smile,
And go on adventures, mile after mile.

His friends all loved him, just as he was,
Clumsy and funny, oh what a buzz!
And when the sun would start to set,
He would cuddle up in his cozy bed.

Dreaming of mountains he’d climb the next day,
Knowing he’d likely go astray.
But that was okay, for Gus the Goat knew,
His friends would be there to help him through.

So if you feel like you’re a bit like Gus,
Remember, it’s okay to make a fuss.
Embrace your quirks and laugh out loud,
Just like Gus, be silly and proud.

And as you drift off to sleep tonight,
Think of Gus and his clumsy plight.
For even when things go awry,
There’s always a friend to help you fly.

The End

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