Explore a magical tale of love, courage, and adventure with a couple’s quest for happiness next to a witch’s enchanted garden, leading to a daring rescue and a heartwarming journey with Rapunzel.

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Once upon a time, in a tiny cozy house right next to a magical garden filled with the most colorful flowers and yummy-smelling herbs, lived a man and a woman. They really, really wanted a baby to play and laugh with.

This garden wasn’t just any garden; it was owned by a scary witch, protected by a super tall wall so no one could sneak in.

One day, the woman peeped out of her window and spotted the yummiest green plant called Rapunzel. It looked so delicious, like the best salad ever, and she just had to have a taste!

The craving for the Rapunzel plant grew bigger and bigger until one night, the man bravely decided to hop over the wall into the witch’s garden to grab some for his wife.

She was over the moon and made the most scrumptious salad! But soon, she wanted even more.

So, the man went on another secret garden adventure at night. But, oh no! Just as he grabbed the plant, the witch caught him! She was very, very angry and said, “How dare you steal my Rapunzel plant!”

The man explained how much his wife loved the plant, and the witch made a deal. “Okay, you can take as much as you want, but when you have your first baby, I get to take care of it like I’m its mommy.”

The man was so scared he agreed, and they soon had a baby girl. When the witch found out, she came and named the baby Rapunzel.

Rapunzel grew up to be super pretty, with the longest golden hair you’ve ever seen! When she was twelve, the witch locked her in a tall tower in the forest, with no doors, just a tiny window.

To visit Rapunzel, the witch would shout, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!” and Rapunzel would let her long, shiny hair fall down for the witch to climb up.

Rapunzel was lonely but loved to sing with a voice so sweet, it could make you smile. One day, a prince riding by heard her singing. He was mesmerized and wanted to meet her but didn’t know how to get up.

Then, he saw the witch call out and climb up Rapunzel’s hair! The next day, he tried it too, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!” And up he climbed.

Rapunzel was surprised to see someone new, but the prince was kind, and they quickly became friends. He asked her to marry him, and she said yes because she knew he would love her more than the witch.

They planned an escape using a silk ladder. But, uh-oh, the witch found out because Rapunzel accidentally mentioned the prince was lighter to pull up.

The witch got super mad, cut off Rapunzel’s beautiful hair, and left her alone in a faraway desert.

She tricked the prince by letting down the cut-off hair, but when he climbed up, he found the witch instead of Rapunzel. Heartbroken, he jumped out of the tower and wandered the forest, missing Rapunzel.

One day, in the desert, he heard Rapunzel singing! They were so happy to see each other again! They hugged, cried happy tears, and went back to the prince’s kingdom, where they had the biggest, happiest ever after.

The End

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